April 2017

18 April 2017

I'm well into the second week of my trip to Peru with Gowildperu. I can straight away say it's been worth every penny. I'm fortunate to be travelling in the best company - Jamie Horne, Steven Grant, Alan James, Ian, Lance Peck and Felix Manami. We have caught so many superb species, easily more than 125 species of fish, most of them being catfishes, but also knife fishes. This has exceeded my expectations. It's not an 'easy' trip - I'm an extreme arachnophobe. I've cut my ankles on razor grass, been bitten by sandflies and mosquitoes and 'no see 'ems', but to be fair I expected this. And at times it's very warm! At times we had to make our way through heavy rainforest, passing army ants, fire ants on certain plants etc, to get to swampy waters - each time it was worth it. We also scrambled over boulders and cobbles in rapids. There was also fantastic insect and bird life, beautiful butterflies everywhere. The base lodge is quite basic and safe, but comfortable enough... with all the facilities you need. The food provided is excellent! A laundry service is available, beds are made and the place is cleaned daily. The transport and the guides are simply the best. Where to catch and information on local conditions is great. The fish caught are transported and housed with superb skill and professionalism. All in all, I've had a great experience with Gowildperu and thoroughly recommend it!  


Written by Richard "Knife fish" Smith

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